About ReRyde

The Company

The local ride hailing app ReRyde was born out of the love and desire to provide people with safe rides home while creating jobs for our community. The local ride hailing app ReRyde has been built with a lot of safety features to ease the mind of our community.

The local ride hailing app ReRyde provides real time tracking, secret trip code, rating for drivers and riders, adding favourite drivers, police background check including vulnerable sectors, vehicle safety check, and other excessive screening for drivers and fast responding and effective support team. The local ride hailing app ReRyde takes safety of each ride very seriously and wants to make sure our community is getting home safely and affordably.  

The local ride hailing app ReRyde strives to build cool safety features and will never stop coming up with more. The local ride hailing app ReRyde has the most safety features of any ride hailing app around the world and we would like you to test it out for yourself. 

We put you safety first and everything else follows! 

Where to ReRyde ?

  • Winnipeg
  • Modern
  • Winkler
  • Selkirk
  • ThunderBay