About ReRyde

The Company

ReRyde is a progressive ride-hailing service based in Vancouver, Canada. Our endeavor is to create more affordable and reliable access to safe travel by connecting drivers and commuters.

Providing a ride that follows high safety quality standards and reducing the number of impaired drivers on our roads are our priorities while creating jobs for our community.

When buses and cabs are full or too busy to operate, we at ReRyde believe no person should be left stranded out in the cold. That’s why we ensure an affordable journey with a number of safety features, one of those being a secret trip code that will get you safely to your destination comfortably.

ReRyde is a great place to work at, not only because ReRyde is runned by people like you, but also because everyone has the privilege of working on their own schedules anywhere ReRyde has service.

ReRyde is always there for you! We put your safety first, everything else follows.

The Company

ReRyde was born out of the love and desire to provide people with safe rides home while creating jobs for our community. ReRyde has been built with a lot of safety features to ease the mind of our community.

We provide real time tracking, secret trip code, rating for drivers and riders, adding favourite drivers, Police Background Check including vulnerable sectors, vehicle safety check, and other excessive screening for drivers and fast responding and effective support team. We take safety very seriously and we want to make sure our community is getting home safely at affordable rates.

We strive to build cool safety features and we will never stop coming up with more. ReRyde has the most safety features of any ride hailing app around the world and we would like you to test it out for yourself.
We put you safety first and everything else follows!

Where to ReRyde ?

  • Winnipeg
  • Modern
  • Winkler
  • Selkirk
  • ThunderBay