Rideshare has its pros and cons. When it gives you comfort to commute as per your convenience, it also develops a sense of danger of traveling with a stranger. It is undoubtedly a convenient and budget-friendly mode of commutation, but sometimes it can cost your life if you are not alert. Of course, you cannot blame the entire barrel because of a single rotten apple. But why take a chance? Isn’t it better to be well-prepared to avoid the unwelcome mishaps?

Rideshare has become a part of our everyday lives, and there is no way you can avoid using it as it is a necessity for our daily commutes. But the common crimes being committed has created a question mark on the safety of passengers. You do review the ratings of your driver before booking your ride – but does that make you confident enough to trust an unknown driver? You are no more in your control once you get into someone else’s car. You are giving your life in an unknown driver’s hand from the time you board till you reach your destination.

Opting a costlier alterative is not the solution; instead, follow these safety tips to uphold your self-confidence.


Checklist for Rider Safety