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  • Easy signup!

  • Accept or Pass booking requests

  • Get turn by turn direction with in app navigation

  • Pay yourself whenever you want. After 1 ride or a 1000. The choice is yours.


ReRyde pays drivers more and does not have any hidden fees. Driving with ReRyde is not just about earning, it’s about being there for our community whenever we are needed. When you become a partner of ReRyde, you become part of the ReRyde family.

How do I set up my banking information?








How do I apply to become a driver?

Click on  “DRIVER” on the menu bar, create an account, then download our app by clicking on one of the options  GOOGLE PLAY/APP STORE or search for ReRyde Driver on the App Store/Google Play. If all your documents meet our requirements, we will try to get you on the road within 1-4 weeks.

Do dicounts effect driver commission?

Discount is covered by ReRyde. If you see an invoice that was discounted, don’t worry we still pay you the full commission amount. You can check this by going to your Wallet>Recent Tranzaction> Credit and match the booking ID with the credited amount.

Would I receive anything for referring a new driver to ReRyde?

When a new driver signs up with your unique code you will receive a payout if the driver is accepted and completes a number of trips within the first 30 days. The amount will show in your “Wallet” section within the app menu.

Would a bad rating affect me as a driver?

Yes, it would. We monitor our ratings for drivers strictly to make sure we give everyone the best service and experience. If a driver accumulates too many bad ratings, their account will be suspended and investigated. Quality service and respect of our community is a must and we enforce that within our company strictly.  ReRyde expects all drivers to be respectful, helpful and kind to our riders and community.