Policy Change:

Thank you for driving with ReRyde. Please read this carefully as we have made some changes to our destination, multiple stop, surcharging, cancetion, no show and prohibited subject policy.

Destination and multiple stops:

If a customer needs to make multiple stops to do some errands, the customer can make two stops with 5 minutes of wait time unless the driver accepts to wait longer than 5 minutes. The customer can go from A-B-C-D, however, each stop must be entered through the customer app once reaching each stop. If the customer does not enter the stop, then the system will not charge them for the ride. Our system still calculates by the km and time you drive, but we need to make sure that the customer has enough funds for the next stop. Please note if the destination is not shown on the driver app and the card is declined, ReRyde will not cover the declined card. That is why it is important to kindly ask the customer to enter each stop after reaching it. On Fridays and Saturdays, when there are a group of friends sharing a ride and it is more than 2 stops before the destination, it is ok to make all the stops as long as each stop has been entered once reaching them.

Reporting Suspicious Account:

Please report any app phone numbers such as TEXT ME, TEXT NOW, TEXT PLUS...etc                                                                                                                                Accounts created with these app numbers are in violation of our terms and conditions. In addition, please report any account that is rude, impolite or shows signs of violence. We take our partner's safety very seriously and we want to remove any customers who might cause an issue in the future. If an account has a different name than a previous trip taken by a customer, please report this too.

No Show Policy Change:

When arriving at a pickup address, sometimes things don't go as planned. The customer does not answer or even show up. Your app must be arrived and please wait for at least 5 minutes before cancelling as no show. We have been receiving a lot of complaint that some of our partners do not contact the customer before cancelling a no show. Please make sure to CALL THE CUSTOMER before cancelling as no show. If a customer asks for more time to come outside, please give the customer an extra 5 minutes before cancelling the trip. In addition, please always call the customer before cancelling.

Canceling a ride after accepting the ride:

It is important to only accept ride you can complete. If a ride is accepted, you are expected to complete the ride. Asking the customer to cancel a ride because you can't make the ride is a violation of our cancellation agreement and it will be refunded to the customer with the driver being held for the transaction fees. Please note too many cancellation after accepting a ride will lead to suspension temporarily or might even be permanently. From now on we are keeping track of all cancellations made without a reasonable reason for cancellation. Surcharging: There will be a surcharge of 5% to 30% everyday between the hours of 11pm - 5am. We will notify you if this changes IMPORTANT NOTE: SERVICE ANIMALS ARE PERMITTED IN YOUR VEHICLE LEGALLY AND CASH IS FORBIDDEN TO TAKE FROM CUSTOMERS UNLESS IT IS A TIP.   Also,discussing politics, religion, sexuality, personal questions or exchanging information with customers are prohibited and strictly enforced.