Apply To Driver  With ReRyde

Be your own boss and take control of your schedule!


Apply To Driver

1. Install ReRyde Driver app!   

 Download ReRyde driver from the AppStore or Google Play from the above icons. Upload your required documents and get started within days.


Once your application is approved, one of our team member will meet you in person and get you ready to start earnings.

3. Earn money!                                           

Once you done meeting our team member, start hitting the road and earn money.

Book A Ride

  1. Install ReRyde rider app from one of the icons to your right!
  2. Get an affordable ride in minutes!
  3. Track your ride to you in real-time!
  4. Add trusted contact to track your rides or simply share your ETA in real-time! 


ReRyde is the most affordable ride in town. Why pay for car expenses, when you can get a ride with ReRyde for less.


The safety of our drivers and riders is our top priority which is why we have  implemented our app with a number of safety features. Real time tracking, secret trip code, adding a driver as your favorite…etc.

Cashless Payment

We accept any major card you can make a purchase with online. Add your card, book a ride and  get there in style. No need to scramble for change. We will charge the card on file automatically.

Our Services


Your everyday car. The ReRyde service can carry up to 4 passengers and has plenty of room in the trunk. Affordable and fast!


Are you going out with a group of friends? The XL service is best suited. It can carry up to 6 passengers and has a decent size trunk for a large group.