Policy Change:

Thank you for choosing ReRyde. Please read the below list as we have made some changes to our policies such as multiple stops, number of accounts that can be linked to one card, the usage of promo codes and registering with an app number (Text me, Text Now, Text Plus…etc)

Multiple Stops: 

Riders are permitted to make two stops per bookings as long as the destination is updated after reaching each stop. If the driver agrees to making more than two stops, this is ok as long as the stops are entered into the app after reaching each stop. The rider is permitted 5 minutes wait time at each stop unless the driver accepts a longer wait time. When entering a new stop, our system will put a temporary authorization on the  new estimated amount and release the first stop’s temporary authorization. If the card is declined, the driver will not be able to drive to the new stop. Please note that each time the destination is changed, a temporary authorization charge is put on the card issuer. The destination can be updated 3 times before having to create a new booking ID.  

If there is more than 3 stops, the driver will complete the trip at the 3rd stop and ask the rider to rebook again.


Number of Accounts: 

Please note having more than one account link to a card without a reasonable explanation will be considered as fraud and we will deactivate the account and the IP address from our system permanently. If a rider comes across an account being deactivated, please contact us and let us know the reason for having more than one account.

Promo Code: 

Promo codes are not valid with ReRyde credit/wallet as method of payment or partial payment. Promo codes must be entered before booking the ride in order to be redeemed. Our team will not be able to add a promo code once the trip is complete. Please note if the system did not apply the code to the trip, this means the trip was not eligible for the code.

App Numbers(TEXT ME, TEXT NOW, TEXT PLUS…etc):

It is important for the rider to register with a number that is authentic. With ReRyde we take security very seriously which is why we use disposable passwords that are valid for 30 seconds and it is sent to the rider’s phone number. When a rider registers with an app number, this will violate our terms and conditions. These app phone numbers are assigned to a new user or even phone company carries. If a person has access to a rider’s phone number, then they will also have access to their ReRyde account. ReRyde will not be responsible for accounts that are created with these app numbers such as TEXT ME, TEXT NOW, TEXT PLUS…etc

In addition, if we locate an account that has been registered with an inauthentic phone number, we will deactivate the account and the IP address.