Stay strong

Dear community,

I would like to personally write this message and take the time to thank you all for supporting ReRyde. This year so far has been a terrifying time for the world and our community due to the Covid-19. It is important for our community to protect each other so we can take control of our community back and make sure this virus stops spreading. In order for our community to stop this from spreading, we all have a role to play.

I am determined for ReRyde to play it’s part. In times like these we are there for you. Due to limited public transit and more risk of the COVID-19 spreading using public transit, ReRyde would like to offer our community $2 off 5 rides using the code “STRONG” until April 1st. The code will not work with bookings using ReRyde wallet (credit) to book a ride.

Furthermore, to make sure our partnering drivers keep their vehicles cleaned and sanitized, ReRyde will be paying them 2.5% more on each ride. The 2.5% is used by the partnering driver to buy cleaning products to disinfect any viruses and bacterias and insuring their vehicles remain safe and clean. This extra commission will be paid until April 1st.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this message and doing your part by isolating yourself if you are experiencing a cold. I encourage you to contact the closest health care center near you so they can run tests and make sure you are not carrying the COVID-19. If you live with others, please isolate yourself in one of the rooms so you don’t transfer the virus to your roommates or family. Keep your head up and stay strong. We will get through this together and keep our community clean and safe of this outbreak.

Reban Nouri,

ReRyde CEO

Always there for you!